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CEW’s Jill Scalamandre and Carlotta Jacobson (r.) with Nathalie Kristo and Silvia Galfo of L’Oréal USA.

Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) welcomed Silvia Galfo, vice president of marketing for Lancôme makeup and fragrances in the U.S., and Nathalie Kristo, senior vice president of L’Oréal Paris, to their Women in Beauty Series event in New York City on November 30 to share their insider strategies behind the powerhouse beauty brands they represent.

Each of these leaders, both of multi-billion dollar global industries, has grown to become a global beauty expert and key decision maker throughout the many processes of shaping a brand’s identity.

“We have seen very strong growth across all categories in the prestige market,” said Galfo. “Newness and strong positioning are what have kept people coming into stores, especially major launches like Hypnôse Mascara and Trésor Midnight Rose, which target a new, younger consumer.”

Although they represent different markets, Galfo in prestige and Kristo in mass, each woman understands the evolution of the consumer due to the explosion of the digital realm.

“We are dealing with a much more sophisticated consumer who likes to be involved with campaigns on Facebook and read ratings and reviews before making a decision to purchase,” said Kristo. “This really changes the way we market, and we need to focus on delivering the right message, at the right place, at the right time. Although not everything is measurable, we learn something from everything that we do in the digital space.”

Galfo added that the digital realm also creates a different level of communication in the marketplace.

“Things need to be simple, immediate and fast to maintain the attention of the consumer,” said Galfo. “We also have to be willing to share things about the brand that maybe we wouldn’t have shared before.”

While Galfo and Kristo know the importance of a strong strategic vision on the global front, they also know it comes with challenges, such as developing cross-cultural formulas and maintaining a universal brand identity.

“Although our products may look different around the world, our tagline, ‘Because we’re worth it,’ resonates the same everywhere,” said Kristo. “We need to continue celebrating the global heritage of the brand, while keeping it very close to American women’s hearts.”

L’Oréal USA’s Carol Hamilton and Frederic Rozé with Barbara Zinn Moore of Lord & Taylor. L’Oréal’s Thomas Reedman and David Suffit with Cos Policastro of Givaudan. L’Oréal Paris’ Erica Bowen, Karen Fondu and Lisa Capparelli.
Arcade Marketing’s Taylor Ryan, Marine Ravera and Diane Crecca. Ralph Lauren Fragrances’ Jerome Roux with Yara Karmiloff and Frederic Pignault of Givaudan. Univision’s Julie Pinkwater with Jeannine
Shao Collins and Dorene Bair of Meredith 360.
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Lancôme’s Genevieve Santos and Andrew Armstrong. Self’s Ellen Cummings, Laura McEwen and
Anita Maiella.
Script to Screen’s Tony Kerry and Ken Kerry with Laura Geller of Laura Geller Beauty Ingenuity (c.).

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