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The Estée Lauder Companies’ William Lauder with Carlotta Jacobson of CEW.

The Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation, CEW’s philanthropic arm, celebrated its 10th anniversary of Cancer and Careers, and honored the Founders’ Circle, a group of visionary companies that have been the most longstanding supporters of the program since its inception, at its annual Beauty of Giving luncheon on December 9.

As the sole initiative of the CEW Foundation, Cancer and Careers is dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events, and this year’s event raised $583,000 to further the cause.

The Founders’ Circle, which includes Procter & Gamble, The Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal USA, Avon Foundation for Women, Shiseido Cosmetics America, Johnson & Johnson Group of Consumer Companies and Genentech, joined together at the event amongst the rest of the beauty industry guests to honor the extraordinary life of Evelyn Lauder, who was recently taken from us due to a battle with cancer.

“Today we remember Evelyn Lauder, who helped put breast cancer on the map with the co-founding of the Pink Ribbon almost 20 years ago,” said Carlotta Jacobson, president of CEW. “She was a rockstar, one-of-a-kind. She used her contacts, experiences and resources to help others, and I admired her. When we do have a cure for breast cancer, we can all thank Evelyn.”

Barbara Zinn Moore, senior vice president/GMM of cosmetics and home for Lord & Taylor, took the stage to share her memories of how Mrs. Lauder touched her life.

“In 1991 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it only took one phone call before Evelyn was helping my parents and I through the terribly hard journey,” said Zinn Moore. “She gave total support and guidance, and always wanted to know how she could help. I feel tremendous loss from her passing, but I am blessed that she was such a wonderful mentor for me—her spirit of giving will forever be remembered.”

Self Magazine, the publication responsible for co-founding the Pink Ribbon with Mrs. Lauder, also reflected on her assiduous contributions to the cause.

“We don’t only remember her for her famous name, but for her famous fight,” said Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher of Self.

Over the span of 10 years, the seven supportive companies creating the Founders’ Circle have together contributed a staggering $4 million to the Cancer and Careers program.

“780,000 cancer survivors return to work each year,” said Gina Drosos, group president of global beauty for P&G and CEW Foundation chairwoman. “We are only touching a fraction of those lives right now, and this is the only organization to help balance work with the fight of cancer. There is great work left to be done.”

2 CEW Lauder 3 CEW Lauder 4 CEW Lauder
CEW’s Kate Sweeney and Carlotta Jacobson with Self’s Laura McEwen and Barbara Zinn Moore of Lord & Taylor. Robertet’s Christophe Maubert and
Elizabeth Mankin of Chanel.
P&G’s Gina Drosos and Esi Eggleston Bracey
(2nd r.) with Pat McGrath and Allure’s
Linda Wells.
5 CEW lauder 6 CEW Lauder 7 CEW Lauder
Firmenich’s Roberto Olivi and Jerry Vittoria
with Nina Riley of High Ridge Brands (c.).
LVMH’s Jean-Marc Plisson, Linda Maiocco
and Jim Anderson.
Avon’s Julie Tatarczuk and Denise McEvoy (2nd r.) with Cos Policastro and Rose Eckert of Givaudan.
8 CEW lauder 9 CEW lauder 10 CEW Lauder
Gurwitch’s Claudia Poccia and Ellen Greenwald (r.) with Nancy Schmidt of Macy’s and Laura Mercier. Avon’s Lindsay Kopald and Julia Manna
with Olivier Delcour of IFF (c.).
Firmenich’s Westly Morris with Elana Drell Szyfer of Ahava.
11 CEW lauder 12 CEW lauder 13 CEW Lauder
Gina Drosos with Shiseido’s Heidi Manheimer and Liz Kaplow of Kaplow Communications. Batallure’s Sam Ghusson with Noreen Dodge
of Give Back Brands.
The Estée Lauder Companies’ Maureen Case, Deborah Krulewitch and Gloria Kriss.
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