Clinique, the brand known for their tried and true skin care solutions since 1968, is introducing two new formulas that aim to diminish the appearance of pores—Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and a newly formulated Instant Perfector.

Clinique research shows that more than 300,000 pores on our face typically double in size from age 25 to 50. As the aging process evolves, cell renewal becomes irregular and skin dehydration increases, leaving faces, and pores, all over the world hoping for a solution to this problem.

“Studies show that pores are the third largest skin care concern in the U.S.,” said Dr. David Orentreich, Clinique’s guiding dermatologist. “If the skin isn’t cared for properly, pores can become clogged by excess oil, causing them to stretch and get larger over time.  This makes large pores not just an oil control concern, but a de-aging concern as well. When pores appear smaller and tighter, skin has a more youthful appearance.”    

The Correcting Serum contains a unique Pore Resurfacing Complex that works in three ways to help
minimize pores, giving the skin a more polished look. It supports cell maturation using padina pavonica extract to activate a natural skin enzyme that helps ensure cells are healthy when they reach the skin’s surface, and balances oil production using “smart” technology to minimize sebum production so the skin is never too oily or dry. A third factor keeps skin smooth with gentle desquamation using salicylic acid to gently clear out dead skin cells that build up around the edges of pores.

The Instant Perfector, a Clinique favorite since 2003, has kept its beloved lightweight texture, but upgraded its formula to include “smart” sebum-balancing ingredients. Using a blend of hydrolyzed soy protein and coconut acid, this new technology helps to minimize sebum production, only where it is needed, to create a healthy, poreless look for up to eight hours. Available in three tints—Invisible Bright, Invisible Light and Invisible Deep—this new formula conceals without adding color to the complexion.

Launching in April, the Correcting Serum will be priced at $39.50 and the Instant Perfector will be $18.00.


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