Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG), created by Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley in 2005, has become the premiere brand-building engine in the beauty industry. The duo’s focus was to pursue a multi-channel strategy to provide today’s working women with efficacious beauty products grounded in real science. Beginning with their flagship beauty product, AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex, marketed under the brand name Hydroxatone, the partners launched their first direct-to-consumer marketing test. The positive response from this test provided the basis for the company’s tremendous customer growth, and the expansion of the Hydroxatone line through direct-response channels.

“It is very difficult to launch a brand today,” said Surwilo. “It took us a long time to get the formulations right, and we knew we wanted to make a large investment on clinical trials to show the science behind each of our products.”

Once the company hit triple-digit, year-over-year growth, Surwilo and Shipley moved the company to Hoboken, New Jersey and began building their professional team. In keeping with the original vision, the Atlantic Coast Media Group team has continued to generate new products, adding new products to the popularized Hydroxatone skin care line, as well as creating innovative product lines such as Keranique, a hair care system designed specifically to address the needs of women with thinning hair.

As the team and revenues continued to multiply—hitting $168 million in annual revenue in 2010—ACMG made the move to its current offices in Jersey City, New Jersey.

“Right now we’re launching about two products a month and our multi-channel business model is proving its effectiveness,” said Shipley. “Hydroxatone is now in over 360 Ulta doors nationwide, and will be introduced in Macy’s stores by the end of the year.”

ACMG has already made tremendous strides in 2011, launching Luminique, a new skin care line utilizing new ingredients to focus on reducing the appearance of photoaging, as well as the success of the Hydroxatone brand on HSN.

“We debuted on HSN in February, selling out of five of the seven products available,” said Shipley. “We aired again last week, and are scheduled for other presentations on May 28 and 29. Customers trust the HSN brand as a leader in beauty and they trust the products they present, so for us this is an ideal partnership.”

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