Givaudan photoGivaudan’s Cos Policastro, Dr. Roman Kaiser and Kate Greene.

Dr. Roman Kaiser, a perfumer, botanist and scientist at Givaudan, has worked for over ten years collecting and investigating the scent of nearly 500 endangered plant species worldwide, of which 267 are described in his latest title, “Scent of the Vanishing Flora.” The book starts with an introductory section sharing some research and concerns about the loss of biodiversity and extinction of key species around the world. Dr. Kaiser discusses the scented species of the Vanishing Flora encountered during his expeditions to such exotic places as the Hawaiian Islands, the Cape Floral Kingdom, the rainforests around the tropical belt and the European Alps.

“Dr. Kaiser has been with Givaudan for over 40 years, and is certainly one of our finest treasures,” said Kate Greene, vice president of marketing of fine fragrances at Givaudan. “His nose goes where the normal human nose can’t go.”

As the leader of Givaudan’s Scent Trek program, Dr. Kaiser is able to capture the olfactive scents of plants and flowers that are becoming extinct so that they may live on forever.

“The plant kingdom is in peril,” said Kaiser. “Nature has always set the standards for our olfactory judgments and therefore it is only logical, even a must, to search in nature for new molecules and scent concepts for perfumers to use.”


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