Miracle Skin

Since the launch of Miracle Skin Transformer (MST) last year, Sarah McNamara, founder and CEO of MST Beauty New York, has been a very busy woman. Noticing a gap in the market, Ms. McNamara spent years working on a complete proprietary formulation that would save consumers from having to buy several products in order to look beautiful.

She continually found that people from various backgrounds—business women, athletes, stay-at-home moms, teens and even men—desired a premium product that hydrated, enhanced and protected skin, all in one time-saving application.

“After many years of working in the beauty industry, I wanted to create a formula that was not only going to retexturize your skin’s texture and tone, but also deliver the latest in hydration and protection benefits,” said McNamara. “I truly believe that this formulation will be life-changing for today’s busy women and men.”

Miracle Skin Transformer combines several powerful ingredients to construct the MST Complex, including saw palmetto and passion fruit extracts, Vitamins A, K and E, Co-Enzyme Q10, naturally derived silicones, mica, SPF 20 and Eco-Cert certified Ecophysalis, which is exclusive to the formula.

“Using naturally silicone-based ingredients, the product is able to deliver a smoother application that stays true to form,” said McNamara. “And with Ecophysalis, we get a key ingredient that helps prevent brown spots and rosacea, repair broken capillaries and increase skin tone luminosity.”

Using color minerals to provide tinted coverage, Miracle Skin Transformer is now available in six shades, as well as a translucent shade,
to appeal to consumers of all ethnicities.

Not only has the website——attracted over 350,000 visitors, but the positive response of consumers is resonating throughout the beauty industry.

Next up for MST is a men’s version that will be released in February, and a Treat & Conceal product for the areas around the eyes that need extra coverage will debut in March. “We are a growing, building brand,” said McNamara. “I only want to deliver game-changing products that really work, and keep a tight line of high-performance SKUs. There is definitely more to come.”


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